Fiesta, Italian-Spanish Film Festival

Palma de Mallorca, June 25 - 27, 2017

Abilis Associazione di Cultura e Progresso in collaboration with the Miff Foundation, sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Culture, Ice, Cinecittà Luce and Anica, presents the second edition of Fiesta, the Italian-Spanish Film Festival of Palma de Mallorca, focused on the promotion of the new Italian and Spanish filmmakers with a first or second opera prima.

Distribution of a first or second film is a must for the independent Italian or Spanish filmmakers facing a distribution landscape characterized by a strong presence of mainstream films. The main objective of the Festival is to become the meeting point for new trends, innovation, originality and the search for new forms of expression of the most important young filmmakers from Italy and Spain. A meeting point for authors, producers, distributors, specialized press; and for the exchange of ideas and new proposals.

Distributors and producers from Spain and Italy have been invited to this 2nd edition with the aim of presenting their works and with the objective of promoting their films abroad.

The main objectives of the festival are:

1. To promote the Italian film production in Spain.

2. To promote the film production of Spain in Italy.

3. Support International Sales of Italian and Spanish distributors.

4. Support Italian and Spanish distributors in the promotion of their films.

5. Support co-production between Italy and Spain.

6. Promote the debate and analysis of the different incentives and subsidies available for international and multilateral co-production.

Fiesta, Italian-Spanish Film Festival
Palma, 25 al 27 de June 2017

25th June

Presentation of the festival to the media, guests and public in general.
Screening of the documentary Cinecittà Babilonia, with the attendance of the director Marco Spagnoli, Ester de Miro D’Ajeta, Film History Professor at the University of Genoa, Italy and producer Claudio Gabriele who will talk about the relevance of Michelangelo Antonioni.

21:00 Opening dinner (by invitation)
Restaurant Miramar de Giuliano, Avenida Mateo Bosch 18, Puerto de Andratx



26th June

10:00 - 14:00
Screening of 4 Italian and Spanish opera prima aimed for both markets, respectively.

Feather , Roan Johnson
The habit of beauty , Mirko Pincelli
Selfie , Victor García León
Can’t say goodbye, Lino Escalera

14:00 Networking lunch - Spanish & Italian distributors
Restaurant Talú, Carrer Blanquerna, 36

18:00 Tribute to Edoardo Leo
Press meeting After, screening of The legendary Giulia and other miracles with the attendance of the director and actor Edoardo Leo

21:00 Gala dinner (by invitation)
Club Náutico, Plaza de San Pedro 1

27th June

10:00 - 14:00 Screening of 4 Italian and Spanish opera prima aimed for both markets, respectively.

I was a dreamer, Michele Vannucci
Ho amici in paradiso, Fabrizio Maria Cortese
Sister of mine, Pedro Aguilera
Bittersweet days , Marga Meliá

Venue: Cineciutat

10:00 Roundtable - Incentives and subsidies available for Italy-Spain coproductions.

Institutional Meeting with delegates from both countries to debate around the existing coproduction agreements, the different tools and funds available and the ways in which new tools could be put in motion to enable a better access. All, with the objective of laying the foundations to promote and encourage coproduction between Spain & Italy.

Federica D’Urso, Italian Ministry of Culture
Chiara Fortuna de Ibermedia Italy
Enrico Bufalini, Cinecittà Luce
Roberto Stabile, Anica
Francesco Siciliani, Roma Lazio Film Commission
Guadalupe Melgosa and María Maldonado, ICAA
Piluca Querol, Andalucía Film Commission
Ramon Colom, Fapae

Announcement of the 2016 New Talents Award winners and the 2017 call for submissions.

"We are the Future", a great European selection of young talents in the categories of filmmaking and script "open to young talents from the 27 countries of the European Union. The award is financed by the Miff Foundation and the Italian Ministry of Culture.( -

Venue: Hotel Saratoga, Room Ibiza

14:30 Lunch (by invitation) Restaurant Nimo’s, Carrer del Bisbe Pere de Puigdorfila, 10

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SEDE: Cineciutat, Carrer de l’Emperadriu Eugènia 6, Palma de Mallorca.


JUNE 25 / 18:00 - Room 1 (admission free subject to availability) Press meeting After, screening of the documentary Cinecittà Babilonia, with the attendance of Marco Spagnoli and Ester de Miro D’Ajeta, Film History professor at the University of Genoa, Italy


JUNE 26 / 10:00 - Room 1 (private screening)


JUNE 26 / 12:00 - Room 1 (private screening)


JUNE 26 / 10:00 - Room 2 (private screening)


JUNE 26 / 12:00 - Room 2 (private screening)



JUNE 26 / 18:00 - Room 3 (admission free subject to availability) Press meeting After, screening of The legendary Giulia and other miracles, with the attendance of the director and actor Edoardo Leo.


JUNE 27 / 10:00 - Room 1 (private screening)


JUNE 27 / 12:00 - Room 1 (private screening)


JUNE 27 / 10:00 - Room 2 (private screening) Press meeting After, screening of Sister of mine with the presence of director Peter Aguilera and producer Antonello Novellin



JUNE 26 / 12:00 - Room 3 (private screening)


The festival Mallorca deserves



The project to establish Mallorca as the venue of a major International Film Festival is one that has been under consideration for various decades. Ever since the advent of mass-tourism in the 60’s, the idea has been re-evaluated on several occasions but while other key Mediterranean tourist destinations (Venice, Cannes…) forged ahead, this has not been the case for the Balearic Islands. In recent years there have been a couple of attempts to revive the project (the most important of which was made by the Mallorca Film Festival (MAIFF), but they also failed to come to fruition.


This said, there can be no denying that Mallorca has all the elements in place to host an event of this nature and stature: Its strategic position in the western Mediterranean and excellent flight links with major European capitals; the mildness of its climate; the fact that it is the holiday destination of choice for millions of European tourists; and the countless audio-visual opportunities it offers the advertising, television and film sectors, who have used its magnificent natural landscapes as a backdrop in which to shoot advertising spots, television series and a multitude of films. The island is also the holiday retreat of many stars and major players from the international film circuit.


Over the past few years, there has been a promotional drive to raise the cultural tourism profile of Mallorca, and in particular that of the city of Palma, which would be greatly enhanced by the hosting of the major international film event that is being proposed.


This document sets forth the general planning and viability study for organizing an International Film Festival in Mallorca, to be named the Mallorca International Film & Media Festival (henceforth referred to as MIFF) -which is to be held on an annual basis from 2016-2018, further to a launch event in 2015.


The purpose of this study is to define the principal and distinctive characteristics of the MIFF, estimating its staging costs and the revenue that needs to be raised to bring this project into effect.





A cinema celebration


The MIFF is to be an encounter between the film world’s top names and the audience:

•   An opportunity for all involved in the film industry to share their experiences.

•   A high profile platform for sponsors and brands associated with the event.

•   A means for the film industry to revaluate Mallorca’s potential.

•   A “Film Party” – a means of bringing the film world and the audience closer together through interaction and entertainment.

•   A meeting point for filmmakers and professionals from the other artistic disciplines involved in cinematic productions:  music, plastic arts, literature, architecture…

•   An attempt to transform the audience from passive film-watchers into active participants in the world of film.





Tourism and culture


The aims of the MIFF are as follows:

1  To promote the image of Mallorca as a cultural tourism destination.

2  To offer a highly visible and prestigious platform for sponsors and brands associated with the event.

3  To make the world of film more attractive and accessible to a wider public under the international influence of Mallorca.

4  To bring added value to the film and audiovisual industries through its capacity to offer new experiences to their audiences.

5  To boost interest in Mallorca among potential visitors with medium-high spending power through this cultural offering.

6  To reconcile the image of film as an artistic and cultural form of expression with that of film as a spectacle and an industry. Emphasis is to be given to projecting the film sector as a profession, as a trade, by encouraging the interchange of experience between filmmakers and their audience.

7  To boost economic activity in Mallorca by bringing together the audiovisual arts, film and media, tourism and service industries.

8  To strengthen and support the local artistic community through film.

9  To offer cultural initiatives to attract tourists and visitors to Mallorca.





A different festival


The main characteristics of this Festival will be:

•   The MIFF is to be funded exclusively by private sponsorship.

•   The MIFF is to focus on the interaction between the spectator and the spectacle of film; it is to be a festival open to the general public and not merely limited to film enthusiasts.

•   The MIFF is to be held just before the start of the main tourist season, coinciding with the summer solstice and it is hoped that this event will position Mallorca as a cultural destination as well as enhancing its standing as a holiday destination.


The MIFF is to be staged over the course of a week during the month of June at different locations in Mallorca, although lower profile events linked with the MIFF are to be held throughout the year in order to keep the Festival in the public eye and mind.

To guarantee a return on the promotional investment made by the event sponsors, the marketing strategies employed will target those who choose to holiday in Mallorca as well as the specific niche international film festival target audience. Every effort is to be made to position the Festival as an international event, by making effective use of social media marketing and the connection this engenders between the online and offline public, in addition to the more traditional media outlets: the printed press, radio and television. The presence of the film world’s top international stars and major players (actors and actresses, directors, producers) is to be assured, given that this will be vital to guaranteeing a return on their investment to the event sponsors.





Budget and partnerships


The overall planned Budget for the Festival is to be raised through private funding, at Festival-related public gatherings and from ticket sales to access the various Festival events.


In conclusion, it is believed that the Festival is feasible if it is projected over a period of four years, given that the level of competition set by the already firmly established international film festivals is extremely high.  Alternative means of communication and dissemination are to be used to launch and establish a unique film-based encounter aimed at closing cultural and social divides and opening the doors to the wondrous world of film to an audience that is not merely limited to avid film enthusiasts.



Posidonia Oceanica, the image and logo of the MIFF, is a tribute to this unique sea grass, endemic of the balearic Mediterranean, and

protected since 1999 by UNESCO



Event Promoter

Carlo D' Ursi






+34 971 710 813

Gabriella Carlucci

International Institutional Affaires